Data Analytics Fundamentals

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of data-driven decision-making with our Data Analytics Fundamentals training course. Explore the foundational principles of data analysis, mastering essential techniques to derive meaningful insights from raw datasets. This comprehensive program is tailored to empower participants with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of data analytics and contribute significantly to informed decision-making processes.

The Crucial Need for Data Analysts in Organizations: Data analysts play a pivotal role in organizations by leveraging their expertise to interpret and transform complex data into actionable insights, empowering informed decision-making, optimizing processes, and enhancing overall business performance.

The Training will:
  • Equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of product marketing principles and best practices.
  • Help them develop skills in conducting market research, analyzing competitor landscapes, and defining target audiences.
  • assist the participants to foster the ability to create compelling product messaging and positioning strategies.
  • Provide the participants with hands-on experience in developing marketing materials, campaigns, and go-to-market strategies.
  • Increase the participants’ understanding of key product marketing metrics and how to track success.
Participants will learn about:
  • Data Analysis using Excel including :-
    • Introduction to Data and Database
    • Entity-Relationship Concepts
    • Data Integrity and NormalizatioWorking with Functions & Formulas on Excel
    • Data Cleaning & Advanced Techniques
    • Statistical Analysis & Interpretation
  • Data Analysis using Power BI
    • Data Cleaning with Power BI using Power Query
    • Data Visualization & Dashboarding
    • Advanced Power Query
    • Data Models
    • Data Analysis Expressions
    • M Query
    • Power BI Publishing Architecture
    • Using the R and Python Visuals
  • Use of SQL
    • Writing SQL Statements: SELECT, FROM
    • Filtering & Sorting Data
    • Grouping & Summarisisng
    • Views & Subqueries
    • Querying Multiple Tables
    • Windows Functions
    • Data Cleaning & Analysis with SQL
    • Reports

There will also be a Capstone Project and Career Boost including building a data analysis portfolio

Who should attend?
  • Entry-level professionals
  • Data Co-ordinators
  • Data Analysts
What is the training format?
  • Online training – The training will be delivered online via Zoom over 8 Weeks¬† (5 hours per week)
    • 3 hours for Theory (On Saturdays)
    • 2 hours for Practicals (On Sunday)
  • The training will be interactive and engaging, incorporating a mix of lectures, hands-on activities, and group discussions.
  • This breakdown allows for a balanced mix of theoretical learning, practical application, and interactive engagement with the participants.
Who will deliver the training?

The training will be delivered by facilitators with extensive cognate experience in Data Analysis

What is the cost?
  • Online (Virtual) training = N200,000.00 ($250) exclusive of VAT
  • Instalmental payment available (40% deposit required)
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Training Calendar

Online Training – Start Date

April 13, 2024


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