Escalating the need for contactless card usage in Nigeria, especially during this coronavirus pandemic

contactless card

How I really wish we have officially started using contactless cards in Nigeria, especially during this period of social distancing. Before the lockdo...

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5 Soft Skills You Need To Be Successful In Your Career

Soft Skills

Having worked for over 25 years in over 6 companies, I have realised success in the workplace goes beyond just being technically good at your job. The...

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How to get Top Management support in the development and rollout of new products


One of the most frustrating things you will experience as a Product Manager is Top Management’s unenthusiastic attitude towards having in place a proc...

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Should businesses continue to innovate during recession?


During periods of recession, the natural course of action for companies is to cut costs and focus on sweating existing performing revenue lines. Durin...

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